A Superior Selection.

Flooring & Wall Tiles from around the world. For every budget.

Imported & Domestic Flooring

Porcelain, Ceramic, Stone, and Vinyl floor and wall tiles from around the world

Porcelain & Ceramic Tile

From budget to boutique, we have a fit for every project!

From the US to Italy, Spain, & More

We (actually) travel the world to find the best flooring selection available.

Products for every home

We don't stop at tile. We have waterproof vinyl, floor heating, glass mosaics & more.

Everything you need in one stop

Experienced staff with 30+ years in the industry, a network of professional contacts, and all the materials you need

Your Team, Ready to Go

Our staff is experienced an personable. We're tile people! Even if you just have a question, come on in. We know how to help.

One Stop, One Shop

From setting materials & tools, to enhancers & sealers. Everything you need in one place.

The Right Price

We're a family business and we know the value of the the dollar, like you. We'll work with you to keep your costs down, and the wow-factor high!

Waterproof Shower System

Faster, Drier, Engineered Installation

Shows a drop of water resting atop the Schluter System membrane, unable to penetrate it.

Sealed & Waterproof

From the pan to the walls, the Schluter Shower System protects your home from excess liquid and vapors that could cause deterioration and mod growth.

A man is shown assembling a shower frame with easy to align and cut Schluter boards.

Guided Design

Install your shower faster and safer. Schluter Showers are engineered for speedy and precise installation and can be installed by Schluter Certified professionals.

Schluter logo: Confidence, Security, Since 1975

Built to Last

If installed by a certified Schluter professional, you enjoy a LIFETIME warranty on your installation.

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