Campogalliano Pennellato

Concretely Chic. A worn yet vibrantly colored concrete floor, expressions and sentiments vectored through a brush to enrich our modern lives.

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Bianco - a creamy light beige Bianco Mosaics - a creamy light beige


Grigio - a midtoned grey

Grigio mosaics - a midtoned grey Grigio diamond mosaics - a midtoned grey alternating with white


Nero - a dark grey

Nero mosaics - a dark grey Nero diamond mosaics - a dark grey alternating with white


Taupe - a yellow beige

Taupe mosaics - a yellow beige Taupe diamond mosaics - a yellow beige alternating with white


Size 12"x24" Tiles

12"x24" Tiles

Size 11.75"x11.75" 2" Mosaics

11.75"x11.75" 2" Mosaics

Size 12"x12" Mosaic

12"x12" Diamond Mosaics

Size 3"x24" Bullnose

3"x24" Bullnose